Nina + Josh

Nina and Josh's families were so kind, hospitable and fun on their wedding day. Everyone was at ease and enjoying the day for what it was, a celebration.

It was a special treat to be able to watch Nina's grandmother and aunts and cousins all help put beautiful, traditional sarees on any of Nina's girlfriends that wanted one. These beautiful fabrics were woven with gold and glittered in the sun. 

Thank you to Christian Gideon for asking me to work alongside you again. We really know how to knock a wedding out of the park. 

Molly's Bridal Portraits

My cousin planned the sweetest surprise for her mother (my Aunt). Molly had a beautiful backyard wedding in Missouri, complete with lights hanging from the trees and a dance floor in the middle of the yard, under the sky. Before all of the festivities, the bridal shower, the rehearsal dinner and the toasts, Molly asked me to take bridal portraits of her in her mom's wedding dress. 

We kept the surprise from her Mom and took the photos when she was running errands. I only wish I could see the surprise on my Aunt's face when she sees her daughter wearing her very own wedding dress in the place they both hold so close to their hearts. This dress is what timeless fashion looks like and Molly makes it look even better with her simple and elegant style.


New York in May

For all of the jitters Jason and Caitlin may have had starting their session, the more they looked into each others eyes, the more comfortable they became. They met each other by doing the exact same thing.

Jason and Caitlin's relationship began when they found each other on the subway and looked into each others eyes. They are great reminder that speaking is not always the most powerful form of communication -- sometimes a little eye contact is far more powerful. 


I took a walk with my friend Ames when the flowers were blooming. Spending time in the sunlight is healing and that's exactly what we did. 


A quote that has captured my thoughts:

"We cannot change, we cannot move away from what we are, until we thoroughly accept what we are. Then change seems to come about almost unnoticed."

-- Carl Rogers, On Becoming A Person

Wisconsin Summer Love

Earlier this year, when it was warm and there was ice in our coffee orders, I got to work alongside the extremely talented Christian Gideon once more. This beautiful couple celebrated their marriage in the heart of Madison, Wis. It was a joy. 

I love weddings. Everyone reveling in love and happiness, looking their best and smiling is an infectious energy. Being surrounded by this excitement, I like to try and capture the in-between moments.  Aimee and Chase made it easy. Congratulations, again!  


Tsunami and Avalanche

This summer I drove to California by myself to work and live in Yosemite National Park. Heading out West alone to drive for three days on beautiful and empty highways was one of the most liberating and risky things I've ever done. I would never go back to change a single moment. Some of my work living in Yosemite Valley and traveling to the iconic park was featured on the  Tsunami and Avalanche Journal. I can hardly believe my name is featured with the likes of the amazing work on the T&A Journal. It's an honor and incredibly encouraging. 

Proper Bagel

It's gratifying when small observations lead to meaningful experiences. Resting on the bed-side table in an East Nashville Airbnb, the April issue of Native Magazine caught my eye.  Intrigue from the cover led to a late morning of house-made bagels, cream cheese, soft window light and an afternoon work space at Proper Bagel on Belmont Blvd.

Taking the breakfast order and happily giving recommendations was none other than Heather Speranza, owner of Proper Bagel and the woman rocking the cover of Native. It was the perfect coincidence leading to fun conversation, friendship and quality food.

A baked strawberry donut with house coffee from Barista Parlor was the preemptive post-breakfast treat. Bites were traded between the avocado and egg on bialy with a micro green salad, and a breakfast bagel with rosemary garlic cream cheese and seared tomato as a side. 

Nashville Romance

Held back some tears watching Clayton and Hope join together. The looks on the faces of their friends and family conveyed more than words ever could. These two complete and compliment each other. The weekend was a joy to document. To see more photos from the weekend, check out Christian Gideon's blog with the combined set, or the beautifully crafted journal post from Brother's and Craft